Data for venue check-in Your data and privacy

If you enter a venue that has an official NHS QR code poster at the entrance, you should scan the QR code using the app. The app needs to use your camera to scan the code, so you will be prompted with a message to give your permission before this happens.

When you check into a venue, this information is stored on your phone and is only viewable by you unless you choose to share it (after a positive coronavirus test (COVID-19)). Venue history data stays on your phone for 21 days. It is then automatically deleted. You can delete individual venues if you wish to.

If other people, who were at the same venue on the same date as you, test positive for coronavirus, you may get an alert to let you know. Read more about how it's decided whether you get an alert.

If you test positive for coronavirus, you can choose to share your venue history with NHS Test and Trace or NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect. This will help identify venues where people may have been exposed to coronavirus and, when appropriate, alert other people. The venue will not be named in these alerts.