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Cookies are small files saved on your phone, tablet or computer when you visit a website.

They store information about how you use the website. Some of them can be turned on and off.

This website ( only stores cookies that are essential to make the site secure and work properly. This means they cannot be turned off.

You cannot be identified by the cookies used on

Cookies needed for the website to work

Cookies needed for the NHS website work
Name Purpose Expires
nhsuk-cookie-consent Tracks your journey through the site When you close the browser
ARRAffinity Used by servers to make sure a session stays in the same environment When you close the browser
Dynamics365PortalAnalytics This is a critical service cookie which analyses how much the service is used. This data is aggregated and is anonymised for statistical purposes. 3 months
RequestVerificationToken This cookie is used by the antiforgery system. This cookie is designed to stop unauthorised posting of content to a website. Session
ASP.Net Session Id This cookie is used to maintain a session without having to repeatedly sign in. This cookie is not persistent and is deleted after a session is closed. When you close the browser
ContextLanguageCode This cookie stores the default language of the user within a session and across webpages. This cookie is deleted after a session is closed. When you close the browser
isDSTObserved This cookie stores a value to indicate if the user is in daylight saving time. When you close the browser
isDSTSupport This cookie indicates whether a specified date and time falls in the range of daylight saving time. When you close the browser
timeZoneCode This cookie holds the timezonecode field value of CRM timezonedefinition entity for the current timezone. When you close the browser

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Some cookies, like those used to measure how you use our website, are not needed for our website to work.

These cookies can help us make our website better, but we'll only use them if you say it's OK.